King's House Records

We are the sound kings of the era now and for eons to come.

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Win A Video Like This!!!

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Now or Never Music Showcase

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  • Date: 6/1/2020 06:00 PM
  • Location: 1306 46th Street, Newport News, VA, USA (Map)

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Our Vision

Our Vision
"We are in the business of music to not only restore a broken culture, but to add to it exceptional pieces of our unique abilities, gifts and values. By design, we were crowned with an idiosyncratic appearance—distinguishing us from companies all over the world. Our calling empowers us to reach out to the people of our generation and awaken them with the drum of our ancestors. The root of our existence is to project our experiences as our leadership role inevitably carves a path for others to follow. Our hope is that they find the path that links to a success that exceeds material possessions. We are a royal nation! King's House Records is the home of kings and queens who are anointed with the freedom of knowing our identity as we sojourn through kingdoms standing for what is just and fair. We are not only the makers of music, but the examples embodied in the artwork. Our purpose is to not only entertain our listeners, but to give back to those who take time to hear our voices echo throughout the universe. We were born with these mysterious abilities. There are powers beyond the norm that set forth a course for us to travel, a sea for us to conquer, mountains for us to tunnel through and a team that will stop at nothing to accomplish what fulfills our destiny. For those who are worthy and were rejected, we are the saviors that will offer them opportunity. For those who oppose us, we will stand and not flinch at their swing. Our strength is in our beliefs, morals and unity. We are the sound king's of the era now and for eons to come. We are a nation within our company and excuses are banned from our policies. Division has been exiled from our platform. We are the examples to follow. We were once scattered abroad just as our tribes were in times past. A new thing has been woven together by the King of king's and to His unshakable glory, we were called to be lord's over His sound kingdom. We are King's House!"


Sean Isaac


Founder/Owner of King's House Records. Business management. Specializing in various fields of music. Health & Wellness representative. Product specialist. Youth counselor and mentor.


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